For once, and only once in my life thus far, have I felt truly limitless. Invincible. Powerful. It was a feeling so strong that I thought I could almost feel the strands of time flowing through me. For such clarity embraced my simple mind, that I was truly in control of my entire reality.

For once, I understood the meaning of being present and controlling the mind.

So what did it feel like?

There was not a single shred of cloud in my mind. I felt everything. Heard everything. Saw everything. I felt the wind blow gently across my face, the same wind that blew gently against my clothing and felt the slight ripple across my skin.

I was aware of my breathing, my heartbeat, my footsteps, my fidgeting. I was in control of everything I did. How and exactly what I did. It is different from my current existence. Things moved on auto. And I feel when I did. But in Limitless, you knew exactly what you wanted to do and you feel every muscle at the micro-instant you’re doing it.

The mind was clear. I could see how people breathed, walked, sighed… Everything. I could tell how their day went, each and everyone of them. Yet, I was in so much control, I could be happy, sad, angry, joyful, elated or ecstatic if I had so willed. An illusion? I doubt so.

So how did that happen?

I could only figure it out as such:

1) Meditate. Box breathing deeply and clear your mind for 10minutes every day.

2) Clear yourself of self-doubt through the thumb-pain principle

3) Listen to your soul, forgive your sins, and work with your inner demons to be a better you

4) Understand that the past has gone, you live in the present, only for the future

5) A sense of purpose

6) Control your mind, know your purpose for everything you do, control every single moment. Focus.

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