Post Exams Summary


So, I’ve had a battle with exams lately.. And I finally did manage to finish that 2xu run of mine. Timing was 1 hour 24 mins.

Not bad considering that I walked from the 8th to the 9th km; maximum distance trained was 7.5km, and I only had 2 hours of sleep the night before.

So now, my new battle, would be against that of my IPPT. I’ve got two weeks left. It may be impossible for my running, but its worth a try.

I’ll never forget this phrase,”You’re already in Pain, get some Reward from it” by E.T. the Hip Hop Rapper.


Oh, god, when it comes to this, I’ve left it out of my life for quite some time. Made a big loss, but, well, starting soon again. This time, I’ll be reading through from start to finish.


I’ve seen the top of Swissotel. I know the view. I know what I want. Found out the charter rate for one night is $10,000. Probably prices will rise up to $12,000 by then. Insyallah, I’ll make it.


The first obstacle that I face is Myself.

I’ll gladly admit it here:

1) Prioritisation

2) Procrastination

3) Excuses

4) Immaturity

5) Lack of Will, Determination

6) Reactive, not Proactive.

7) Self-doubt, Low Self-Esteem

8) Irresponsible sense of accountibility

9) Careless

Simply writing these down gave me a gut-wrenching feeling. Slowly I’ll overcome all this. And I’ll achieve my end-2013 goals of earning from forex consistently, starting 3 websites, earn $700/month on my own through IT, Trading, Surveys. That’s all I need to know.


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